Our­ mission­ is­ to­ equip­ and empower leaders
across three dynamic verticals
Commerce,­ Creative,­ and Church.

who we are

Bellwethers is more than just an organization; it’s a community of forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in their respective fields. We understand that each vertical presents its unique set of challenges and opportunities, and our goal is to empower leaders to navigate these intricacies effectively.


A thriving community of 25,000 leaders.Be a part of a dynamic network dedicated to personal and professional growth.


Our impact extends to over 8,000 businesses and initiatives, as we empower and equip leaders to drive positive change

With an impact on over 8,000 businesses and initiatives, Bellwethers is proud to have organized 15 successful conferences.

fostering leadership

Our Mission and Commitment

At Bellwethers, we believe in the transformative power of visionary leadership, and we’re on a mission to inspire, equip, and empower leaders who dare to dream. Our journey began with a commitment to building a vibrant community of leaders who embody integrity, excellence, and unwavering dedication to serving their communities.